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Legal Resources: Disaster Preparedness

 There are a few things you will absolutely need to have with you if you have to vacate your home due to flood or other natural disaster. It’s a good idea to...


Question 1: What is an employer’s obligation with regard to termination of employees?

There is no federal or state law that prohibits an employer from terminating...


Debt Collection

Question:  What do I need to know about creditors?

Often disasters...


The state of Illinois and the Federal Government offer many services to help people who have been impacted by a natural disaster.

a) Disaster Food Stamps/SNAP: The federal...


A farmer, who sustains damage to his or her home or personal property, or to his equipment or crops, may be able to obtain assistance from FEMA and from the Farm Service Agency (FSA).



Question 1: My house was damaged and I can’t live in it. Do I have to make my mortgage payments?

Yes. Most home loan documents require the homeowner to make...


Question 1: May I terminate my lease because of the disaster?

It depends. In Illinois, the common law rule is that absent any agreement between the parties, when...


The Social Security Administration will attempt to ensure that all Social Security benefit checks are received by all beneficiaries affected by any potential disaster to strike residents of...


Question 1: Who is responsible to replace my personal property that was located on someone else’s property (leased property, rented out to a customer, etc.)?



Question 1: What type of scams should I be aware of?

The Attorney General’s office warns consumers to be aware of various types of fraud affecting victims of...


Question: Some of my important documents were destroyed during the disaster. What do I do?

A. Bank and Investment Account...


Question 1: What is an Emergency Management Agency, and what do they do?

Authority for emergency management in Illinois comes from the Illinois Emergency...


If you don’t have a personal computer available to you, public libraries often allow Internet access free-of-charge.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)...

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