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Becoming a lawyer is a desirable career option for those who want to protect the rights of people as well as assist them with the legal issues they face.

A person who is interested in a law...


The salary range for a lawyer varies widely.  As a first year associate in a large, established law firm in a large metropolitan area, you can expect to earn far more than a first year lawyer...


A 2006 Illinois law signed by former Governor Blagojevich prohibits advertising of legal services by individuals that do not have a license to practice law.

The legislation, which was an...


Lawyers and judges aren't the only people who work in the legal profession. Numerous career options exist for those who are interested in the law.

Administrative law judges are normally...


There are several hundred Illinois state judges whose job is to apply and interpret the laws that govern us.

To become a judge, the Illinois Constitution states that the person must be a U....


The sparring between two high-profile television stars who host reality-based television shows and two U.S. speed skaters in the Winter Olympics made headlines. When does such bickering cross the...


What animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening?

Oedipus, on his way into Thebes, knew the Sphinx would eat him if he...


In Illinois, only a lawyer licensed by the state can give legal advice. Anyone else who attempts to do so may be committing the unauthorized practice of law. However, there are other professionals...


To keep would-be hustlers and scammers from taking advantage of the public, the state legislature has passed laws – and Illinois courts have upheld these laws – prohibiting people not trained or...


There are many ways that teachers in elementary, middle and high schools can help students prepare for a legal career:

  • Discuss character and fitness, classes and activities they may...

Only one who has a license to practice law in Illinois may do so.

The preparation for such a license and legal practice requires a great deal of time, hard work and expense. The licensed...


If you or one you know thinks they want to become a lawyer, the first question that needs to be answered is, what does a lawyer do? Lawyers are problem solvers. They help people, families and...


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