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Defamation of character is the false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another. Slander and libel are examples of defamation.

Should allegations of defamation be brought...

Your Rights

What does it mean in legal terms to become an "adult"?

You have new rights associated with being independent. Just as important, you also have new responsibilities, primarily being legally...

Your Rights

Q: What are some contracts I may enter into when I am 18?

A: Here are a few examples:

  • An employment contract
  • A loan for school or a car
  • An...

Q: Is driving a right or a privilege?

A: It is a privilege that the state can regulate.

Q: Are my parents liable for my accidents after I turn 18?...


Q: What does it mean to become an "adult?"

A: You have new rights associated with being independent. Just as importantly, you also have new responsibilities and are legally...

Your Rights

Q: If I’m called to serve on a jury, do I have to go?

A: Yes, unless you are excused for a special reason. Failure to reply, or giving fraudulent grounds to avoid jury...


Q: When can I marry without my parents’ consent?

A: When you turn 18.

Q: What is the youngest age at which I could marry with parents’ consent?...


Q: Do I need my parents' consent to see a doctor?

A: No, any person 18 years of age or older may consent to the performance of a medical, dental or surgical procedure....


Q: Who is required to register for the draft?

A: If you are a male citizen or male alien residing in the United States you must register within 30 days of your 18th...


Q: What are a landlord’s rights in an apartment?

A: A landlord can charge whatever rent he or she chooses, set rules for living there, collect for damages to the property...


Q: How do I get a good credit rating?

A: There are a number of ways, including having a savings account, buying low-priced items on time, getting a job and using credit...


Q: What are some consumer protection laws and what do they do?

A: Here are a few:

  • Truth-in-lending: This law requires lenders to disclose credit costs and...

Illinois law usually allows persons who have resided in the state for at least six months to file a petition to the court to officially change their name.

In Illinois, the presumption is...

Your Rights

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unlawful in employment, financial services, real estate transactions and public accommodations, as the result of an amendment to the Illinois...


Both Illinois and Federal laws protect the public from annoying and disruptive unsolicited phone calls. For example:

  • Telephone solicitations are prohibited before 8 a.m. and after 9...

There over 180,000 active notaries public in Illinois who have been appointed and commissioned by the Index Department of the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

An applicant, who is...

Your Rights

Many of the legal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons are explained in a new brochure published by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA).

The free brochure explains...


A victim of domestic violence may have the right to obtain an Order of Protection. Typically, the perpetrator is a family or household member who physically or verbally abuses the victim.



Many important legal documents require the signature of a notary public. However, the signature or stamp of a notary does not make the document legal.

A notary public acts as an official...

Your Rights

A contract is an agreement between two or more people that is legally enforceable. People age 18 and older may enter into a contractual arrangement on a wide variety of matters ranging from...


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