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If you’re ever accused of breaking the law, the last thing you’d want to do is to risk incriminating yourself. An ISBA member lawyer knowledgeable about criminal law can make sure your rights are protected from the start. And that the end results are fair to all involved. Especially you.

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The public's knowledge of our legal and judicial process is often derived from television and movie courtroom dramas and police shows. These dramatizations can lead to misconceptions about the...


Q: What will happen if I’m arrested?

A: You can expect to be searched for weapons by the police and taken to a police station. You will be advised of your rights under the...


Q: What are sexual crimes?

A: Sexual crimes involve some sexual contact without consent. The contact does not have to be intercourse.

Q: What is "sexual...


A person arrested for a crime and later found not guilty, can take steps to have their arrest record expunged or cleared. When an arrest record is expunged, it is as if the crime never occurred....


The chances of a law-abiding citizen being arrested are slim. It is important, though, that people know their rights if arrested:

  • If by threats, by persistent questioning or other...

The basic rights of a citizen under arrest are stated in the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments of the "Bill of Rights" in the U.S. Constitution. Many of these provisions are also in the Illinois...


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