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Your Child’s Foster Parents and You

Ideally, your child will be placed with a relative who is familiar to you and your child. DCFS is required to consider relatives for possible placement before placing your child in a traditional foster home.

It is helpful to your child if you and your child’s foster parents get along well. In some cases, children can be returned home more quickly because parents and foster parents work together.

Ask your caseworker to arrange for you to meet your child’s foster parents.

You can let your child’s foster parents know that you want to stay involved with your child and ask for their ideas about how they can help and how you can help them.

You may also tell your child’s foster parents that you would like to talk to your child on the phone during the week.

Perhaps certain days and times each week can be established for the call or calls. If such times are arranged, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to follow through and engage in the contact on schedule.

Download the full Guide for Parents in Juvenile Neglect Cases Booklet here


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