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A situation involving your workplace has gone very wrong – to the point where you’re thinking “litigation.” Maybe the matter concerns overtime payment. Or discrimination. Or termination. Should you sue? Can you sue? You need answers. Let the knowledge and skill of an ISBA member lawyer familiar with employment law work for you.

Legal Resources: Your Business

It’s part of the American dream – launching and running a...


When starting a business, one of the many decisions to make is which type of business organization is best for the circumstances. There are numerous legal considerations concerning liability, tax...


An employer is under no obligation to provide a written contract to an employee. Most employment relationships are based upon oral representation.

Generally, if an employee does not have a...


Businesses use a trademark, which is a word or words, a symbol, a device, or any combination thereof, to identify and distinguish their goods or services from others.

Business owners must...


The Illinois General Assembly, in its 2005 session, passed legislation that affects Illinois employers.

For example, the Illinois Family Military Leave Act provides guaranteed unpaid leave...


In recent years, a large number of "invention development" companies have come into existence, claiming they can assist individuals in marketing their inventions. But according to the...


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