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The tragic shooting of Chicago Nordstrom employee Nadia Ezaldein by her estranged boy-friend, who subsequently committed suicide, has dominated the headlines since the incident occurred at the store the day after Thanksgiving. Could more have been done to prevent her death? Could the courts have...

An invitation to a LUNGevity Foundation fundraiser was a life-changing moment for lawyer Catherine Brunton Levitt.

The invitation arrived from a fellow Deerfield mom who had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Levitt immediately called Jill Feldman, expressed how saddened she was about...

Imagine you have a son who’s been accepted into one of Chicago’s best high schools. You’re ecstatic. He completes his freshman year, yet before he can start his sophomore year, you get a letter, indicating he may lose his spot because of address fraud. You’re in the dark on what happened and how...

Christopher Niro is a young lawyer who believes profoundly in giving back. 

“You can win cases and have great client relationships, but what you give back to the community is just as...

When Patricia Brown Holmes began her freshman year at the University of Illinois in 1979, she was one of the few black students on campus. By her own account, no one would study with her and almost everything she did, she had to do alone.

Despite being super smart (she was No. 1 in her...

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