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Illinois laws do not address employer policies on smoking in the workplace; some employers may establish any policies they choose.  However, some municipal laws may require employers to restrict smoking in some areas. Also, an employer may not discriminate against someone who smokes, either by refusing them a job, a promotion or their compensation.


In Illinois, breath tests that are presented as evidence in court must be done at the police station. A preliminary breath test is often done at the scene but is not admissible as evidence in a DUI trial. 


No, a lawyer cannot represent both parties in a divorce case. Quite often, documents (such as a separation agreement) are prepared by one lawyer, but the fact is, the lawyer who drafted the documents may only represent one party.


No. State law provides for a random selection process from lists of registered voters, unemployment claimants, licensed drivers, holders of Illinois Identification Cards and Illinois Disabled Person Identification Cards who reside in the county where the trial will be heard. Jurors must be U.S. citizens and at least 18 years old.

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