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A new Illinois law which went into effect January 1, 2015, requires schools to investigate reports of cyberbullying, even if the incidents happened outside of school or school hours. Another new law prohibits schools from accessing a student’s social media accounts unless officials believe a site contains evidence that the student violated a school’s disciplinary policy.


It does not. The Illinois Department of Public Health lists the qualifying conditions on its website at The site also includes the process for Illinois residents to petition the department about additional medical conditions. To become registered to use the drug, a patient must submit an application and required forms to the department’s Division of Medical Cannabis.


It’s a good idea to review your will and estate plan annually or after a major life change, such as marriage or divorce, the birth or death of a potential heir, a significant shift in one’s financial situation, a major adjustment to an investment portfolio, or a real estate purchase or sale. Make sure you also review the beneficiary designations on your retirement and insurance policies; assets in those accounts will be transferred automatically to your named beneficiaries when you die. A will does not determine the provisions of beneficiaries on 401(k), pay on death accounts, and life insurance.


When a driver’s period of revocation or suspension has ended, he or she must pay a reinstatement fee to regain the license – typically from $70 to $500, depending, in part, on the reason that the license was taken away. The driver may also have to meet other conditions or pay additional fees.


Yes. It is illegal for anyone to have an open container of alcohol or to drink alcoholic beverages in a vehicle. Both the driver and passengers may be issued a traffic citation if they fail to comply. Should there be a second offense within one year, the driver’s license will be suspended for one year. A driver under age 21 faces the loss of driving privileges for one year for the first conviction and revocation of driving privileges for a subsequent conviction. Passengers on chartered buses used for non-school purposes, or in motor homes and limousines are exempt.

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