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Why You Need A Lawyer

Choose to represent yourself in a legal case, and any perceived advantages could be wiped out by the pitfalls that may occur when you don't have a lawyer. The whole process can end up being far more costly. Avoid the pitfalls. Choose an ISBA member lawyer and you'll have the real advantages of their expertise and resources to help you get the outcome you want.


Adoption can be an exciting experience for families. But, if you're not prepared to handle the complicated legal process, it can be stressful and heartbreaking. An ISBA member lawyer can help you navigate the legal aspects of adoption, so you can focus on the exciting ones.


Have you run out of money? Do bill collectors call you constantly? Is the bank threatening to foreclose on your home? Excessive debt can be devastating. No matter how you arrived at your current situation, an ISBA member attorney can help you explore options like debt consolidation or bankruptcy, so you can find your way out.


Attorney David Arena discusses what homeowners should include in a construction contract. An ISBA member lawyer can help you navigate the legal aspects of building a home, including getting a proposal from a builder and converting the proposal into a contract.

Criminal Law

If you're ever accused of breaking the law, the last thing you'd want to do is to risk incriminating yourself. An ISBA member lawyer knowledgeable about criminal law can make sure your rights are protected from the start. And that the end results are fair to all involved. Especially you.


Divorce isn't easy. Even a friendly divorce can be painful and emotionally draining. An ISBA member lawyer will help you find satisfying solutions to issues like child custody, division of assets and support. He or she will also help you to settle disputes in the most timely and cost-effective manner, so you can pick up the pieces and move forward.


It only takes one mistake…one more drink, one time speeding in a construction zone, one too many traffic tickets…to find yourself facing a drivers license suspension, jail time and a criminal record in Illinois. If you made a mistake on the road, don't face it alone: an experienced ISBA member lawyer can help you navigate the legal system.

Employment Law

A situation involving your workplace has gone very wrong – to the point where you're thinking "litigation." Maybe the matter concerns overtime payment. Or discrimination. Or termination. Should you sue? Can you sue? You need answers. Let the knowledge and skill of an ISBA member lawyer familiar with employment law work for you.

Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for rich people. It's for anyone who wants to control what happens to their healthcare, family and property when they can no longer do so. If you don't decide now, the courts will decide for you later. An ISBA member attorney can help you prepare wills, power of attorney documents and more, so you stay in control.

Jury Duty

Jury duty may be a minor inconvenience, but it's one of the most important duties of citizenship. It is also an awesome responsibility. As a juror you will hold the fate of someone's property, freedom or even life in your hands. Those who've served often express their gratitude for being able to do so, and are enriched by the experience. If you are summoned to serve, here is what to expect.

Medical Malpractice

We expect health providers to do their best to safeguard our health. When it turns out otherwise, the resulting distress alone can be debilitating. You may feel litigation is the only recourse. But only a small percentage of malpractice cases qualify for trial. And even if yours does, the process can be complex and lengthy. Having an ISBA member lawyer advise you of your legal rights can begin the process of making things right.

Personal Injury

If you've suffered injuries due to someone else's negligence, compensation can provide a ray of hope and fairness in what may be your darkest days. But not everyone who litigates, wins. An ISBA member lawyer with the knowledge and expertise to help you assert your rights can be your voice in the justice system.

Real Estate

A home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. If you aren't prepared to handle all the little details, the experience can be stressful and disappointing. Even the most straightforward real estate deals involve numerous pages of legal paperwork. Whether you're a buyer, seller or facing foreclosure, an ISBA member lawyer will work to protect your investment.

Worker's Comp

A work related injury can be life changing. Injured employees can lose their health, their career and their finances in a matter of seconds. If you've been injured on the job, you have the right to medical care, payment for lost wages and more. An ISBA member attorney will fight to make sure you are fairly compensated.

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